winter macro photography workshop // saturday december 10th - sunday december 11th

Details: Winter and macro, what more could we ask for? I am excited to offer this workshop as this type of shooting is near to my heart. In this workshop we will cover the techniques used in macro photography along with lighting, design, and composition. It will be an exciting time of hands-on learning and shooting. This is the right workshop for you if you are wanting to explore the world of macro photography and are comfortable using your camera in the various settings, including manual.  We will go over     post-production and digital workflow the second day. So grab your beanie and your gear and come experience the beauty of winter through the eyes of macro photography!

winter macro photography workshop
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What to bring:

  • Digital SLR camera with removable lens
  • Macro Lens
  • Memory Card
  • Charged Camera Battery
  • Tripod
  • Laptop Computer
  • Image processing software (Adobe Lightroom is recommended)