Sometimes the thought of writing my accomplishments feels a bit, oh I don't know, not my favorite. Instead, I would rather give a glimpse into what really matters to me. I find in my life I relax and breathe deeply when I take a moment to find true connection with what surrounds. This is something I have learned to do through photography, it has helped me take time to see, connect, and hold that connection through the creation of an image.

      I keep waiting for the moment when I am no longer surprised by the beauty before me, but each time I look through the lens my breath catches a little and I find a smile making its way to my face, along with the occasional "oh wow."  I will forever be taken aback by this beauty, color, and design. 

     Just as a sidenote, I shoot on film, I just love it. And I use a medium format camera. Oh, and I don't use photoshop to add effects to my images, what I see through the lens and what the film displays, that's what you see too.